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Content Management (CMS)

At Orane, we understand that to deliver the most superior online experience possible, the effective creation and management of Web content and delivering the right content in the right context is a must.

Website content management systems, or CMS, are a simple and affordable way for your business to take control of the content that is presented on your website.

With our Content management system, you will be able to edit your website content easily and periodically. We provide a simple and user friendly way for business users to create, edit, manage, publish and update content to Web sites. You no longer need to update pages manually when content is added. Moreover, if you site has consistent content updates it will repeatedly be re-indexed and will be seen as more relevant by Google.

Through our ready to use solutions and CMS integration we help you:
  • Streamline the web publishing process.
  • Eliminate the need for costly site maintenance and enable you to manage the content by yourself.
  • Make it is possible to track content.
  • Enable easy access, archiving and reuse of content.
  • Facilitate the upload of content, for faster turnaround time.
Looking for a more productive and less expensive way to update your website?
We can help you.

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